5 weeks vs

5 weeks vs. 14 weeks!!
I most definitely have felt my BEST this week compared to any week yet #praiseGod
Pregnancy feels like it’s becoming my new normal. I almost tend to forget I’m pregnant, I’m guessing that’s a good thing because I’m starting to feel normal again.
Fatigue is still there, and might always be there. I can literally fall asleep anywhere anytime. Naps and sleeping 8 hours are a must, or I tend to get headaches. I found that adding in an extra iron supplement helps a lot with the headaches #thanksChelsy
I’m starting to get nervous about all the things once I have a baby in my arms. Will I be able to breastfeed, what happens when everyone is crying (baby and mommy), will I survive my first 3 months?! . So I’m reading books and trying to calm myself down.
Cravings: obsessed with fruit! ALL THE FRUIT. Mainly cold watermelon, grapes, strawberries, and pineapples . My appetite is coming back so meats are starting to sound good as well. We had steak last night and it was delicious. Chicken by itself can still be weird, but things are coming around.
Size: Baby is the size of a lemon
Weight gain: I’m visiting family right now but their scale says 142.4–> 2.4 weight gain. I’m guessing it’s more toward 3 from my scale at home.
Clothes: wearing normal clothes still but bought a size up in shorts and wearing more dresses.
We are enjoying every day of this journey and thanking God for this little blessing!
Bring on week 15!!
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