Did you hear

Did you hear?! Yesterday was my birfday! Proud to be 29 years young. While yesterday had definitely been one of the most miserable days of travel in my life, it was great for reflecting. Lol. In this last year, I worked on 5 TV shoes with my family in New Orleans, Galveston, Nashville, and LA. I did makeup for the cover of People a few months back and this last week was IN the magazine with our family. Crazy! I’ve traveled across the world for work and for play, for family and for romance. We went to Maui, Kenya, Scotland, Cancun, and now Toronto. ✈️ My modeling work has been transitioning more into beauty and I’ve been so fortunate to have built wonderful relationships with some of my favorite brands and received incredible PR packages. The designers for whom I’ve still been modeling have been a joy. Some of the the existing relationships I had have truly blossomed into even more than I thought they could. I spent a lot of time away from my love, but I was fortunate to be surrounded with people I cherish in every city. In the midst of this adventurous year, I have learned A LOT about myself – who I am deep in my soul, who I want to be, what I need, and what I can’t have. I’m still learning to say no. And to other things I’m still learning to say yes. Gratitude fills me when I think of all the amazing opportunities I had this year and all the ones that are yet to come.
Through all of this, I have to say a special thanks to JD Scott for putting up with my ass. My usual calm and collected self has been a moody, hot mess at times and I’ll be the first to admit it. Thanks boo, for loving me anyway. And for planning such an awesome birthday celebration for later in the month.